TSSPro 100WB

If you want a natural look, water-based sealer, look no further than the TSSPro 100WB. TSSPro Sealants has some of the best selections of specialty sealants. The TSSPro 100WB is the sealer you need to protect your natural stone surfaces from saltwater erosion and efflorescence. Furthermore, this sealer is very user-friendly. 

TSSPro Sealants understands that stone surfaces enhance the look of any home. However, to make the most of your surfaces, you must maintain them. Many sealers found in big box stores take a “one size fits all” approach to taking care of your surfaces. However, we have found the best way to take care of your surfaces is through specialty sealers.

The TSSPro 100WB is a water-based sealant. Additionally, it offers the most invisible barrier of all our products. Moreover, you can use it on all stone surfaces. This deep penetrating sealer is excellent for VOC compliant states. TSSPro Sealants makes maintaining your stone surfaces easier. Please call us at (888)-958-0556 to order your stone sealers today. 

TSSPro 100WB

The TSSPro 100WB offers a natural look and a matte finish for your surfaces!

Features Of TSSPro 100WB | TSSPro Sealants 

TSSPro Sealants makes maintaining your man-made stone surfaces easy with the TSSPro 100WB. This sealer stands out from the competition by effectively protecting surfaces from erosion and water damage. The TSSPro 100WB has a modified silicon-based product. As a result, it lasts longer than sealers found in stores. Because of this, you can apply it once and not worry about re-application for a while. 

This sealer saves you time because it doesn’t need to be stripped during re-application. Unlike other sealers, this product only needs one coat during application. Saving you time and money is what you get out of this sealer. However, the features of this product don’t end there. You can expect a natural matte finish after applying this sealer. 

It’s essential to protect your flagstone, limestone, grout, and brick surfaces. If you want to preserve natural plaster, then this product also helps. Elements such as the sun and rain can create significant damage on your surfaces. Another great advantage of this sealer is that it’s resistant to UV rays and weather. So, if you live in an area that receives consistent sun or harsh weather, this product can be a lifesaver. It’s a very long-lasting product that does a fantastic job. 

We engineer our products to go above and beyond a typical sealer found in retail stores. How? By utilizing CrossLinking Nano Technology. As a result, the sealer can go deeper into the stone and offer even more protection. The sealer does this without changing the color of your stone surfaces. Because of this, you can maintain the natural look of your surfaces while getting the protection you need. 

Choose this product to maintain your limestone, flagstone, pool copings, decks, and much more. Searching for a natural look sealer has never been easier. Contact our team today to learn more remarkable features of this product.

TSSPro 100WB

Prevent efflorescence with this product!

Maintaining Natural Stone Surfaces Just Got Easier 

If you own a pool, we have great news. The TSSPro 100WB is an excellent product to maintain stone areas in and around your pool. As previously mentioned, our sealer is effective in preventing efflorescence buildup. So, if you want to pool area to maintain its aesthetic, please consider this product for your home. 

Efflorescence makes your outdoor areas look unsightly. Moreover, the damage it can create can result in costly renovations. Protect your concrete and limestone pool surfaces with TSSPro Sealants. Furthermore, this sealant has a hidden advantage that many sealers do not have. Unlike many sealers, you can apply the TSSPro 100WB to damp areas. However, the site must not be wet or have dirt or debris on it. 

Additionally, this spectacular sealer has a quick curing time. You can expect your surfaces to be ready within one hour of application. You don’t have to worry about pool chemicals. This resilient sealer is resistant to common pool chemicals, making it an ideal candidate for your pool area. The strong protective barrier on your surfaces will save you money by avoiding costly repairs in the future. 

This sealer is excellent for those embarking on a DIY project or for contractors. Not only that, this product helps discourage fungi and algae, which can grow in damp areas. The application of this product is easy too! You can use a brush, roller, or pump-up spray to protect the area that you’d like. We offer local product pick-up or ship to your location. 

Make the right choice in protecting your surfaces. Please don’t settle for cheap alternatives in popular chain stores. Many of these products don’t last nearly as long as ours. Moreover, they can yellow when applied and may need re-stripping. This is a frustrating and annoying process that can cost a lot. The TSSPro 100WB is both practical and cost-friendly.

TSSPro 100WB

Our wide selection of specialty sealers make us pioneers in the sealant industry.

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As you can see, there are many reasons to consider this sealer. It’s essential not to let your stone surfaces deteriorate. One of the ways to prevent this issue is by using the TSSPro 100WB. The application process is straightforward and easy. However, we recommend testing out the sealer on a small area to ensure suitability. 

Furthermore, we encourage you to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as this sealer can irritate your skin. While one coat protects your surfaces, additional coats may slightly darken your surfaces. After applying the sealer, you must ensure the area does not get wet for an extra hour or two. As a result, you will get the most out of our products. 

Nonetheless, this product is in a class of its own. Take the right steps toward maintaining your stone surfaces. We developed our sealants as a response to subpar sealants on the market. Whether you have flagstone surfaces or travertine surfaces, TSSPro Sealants will have something that works for you. Please call us today at (888)-958-0556, and we’ll begin the order process. Maintaining your stone surfaces allows your home to keep looking amazing. For an incredible natural look water-based sealer, please consider the TSSPro 100WB.