TSSPro 15

If you want your stone sealant to be long-lasting, you need to check out the TSSPro 15. This neutralizing product provides an incredible foundation for a variety of stone sealants. Using this product will help your sealant bond to any stone surface for longer protection. Additionally, this product will restore the pH value to acidic stone surfaces. As a result, your surface’s natural beauty will stay intact.

When a pH balance is off, it can have many effects on the material. For example, a lower pH will increase the deterioration of concrete and other stones. When this happens, it won’t just negatively impact the look of your surfaces. They will also become more porous. This means water and air are able to get trapped under the surface of your stone. This can cause further damage, such as spalling and rot.

TSSPro 15

Our products will keep your natural stone surfaces protected against moisture damage.

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However, when you use our TSSPro 15, the pH levels of your natural stone surfaces will be restored to protect against these issues. Furthermore, by neutralizing the surface, the application of a sealant will be easier, and the sealant itself will be more effective, especially when you use one of our specialty products.

After failing to find a sealant that we believe did the job correctly, TSSPro made our own. We have several unique sealants all designed to protect natural stone surfaces against stains, mildew, and more. Our sealants last longer, don’t yellow over time, and offer effective protection to various surfaces. What’s more, we offer sealants for both indoor and outdoor use.

TSSPro operates out of Houston, Texas. However, our products are available throughout the nation. Call us today to find out which of our high-performance sealants is right for your stone surface. You can reach us at (888)-958-0556. You won’t find another company with sealants quite like ours.

TSSPro 15 | Neutralizing Rinse

This versatile product can be used on concrete, stone, masonry, tile, and brick. While it is to be used to aid in the sealing process, it is also designed for use after our TSSPro 10.  Our TSSPro 10 is a fast-acting cleaner and descaler which will restore the natural beauty to your stone surfaces. However, cleaning solutions, on the whole, can mess with the pH levels of stone. This is because most cleaners have some level of acidity to them to provide an effective clean. If the residue of a surface cleaner is left behind, it can have damaging effects on natural stone.

That is why we have designed this innovative and effective product to both rid stone surfaces of these harmful acids and prepare them for sealing. Of course, cleaning solutions aren’t the only thing that can throw off the pH balance. This can also be due to pool chemicals and carbon dioxide in the air. For indoor surfaces, this may not cause too much of an issue. However, for outdoor surfaces, it will be impossible to avoid. This is why it’s essential that you perform regular maintenance on your natural stone surfaces.

Our TSSPro 15 is not just a neutralizing rinse. It also acts as a cleaner that will rid your surfaces of oil residue, fatty deposits, and grease. When you use this solution, it will better prepare your surfaces for sealing. It achieves this by neutralizing the surface, which will allow the sealant to bond better. An added bonus, this neutralizing rinse works instantly. You don’t have to worry about a lengthy application process with our products. The TSSPro 15 can be applied and removed in as little as 1 minute.

TSSPro 400

Don’t let your pool chemicals ruin your stunning patio and coping. Call TSSPro to learn about our TSSPro 15!


You won’t have to waste time and money buying additional products or tools or creating the mixture yourself. This is because we deliver everything you need, and the rinse comes pre-mixed. Additionally, you can get this product in a granule formula. If that is the case, all you need to do is add water.

Firstly, you apply the mixture. Then, let it stand for 1-5 minutes before removing the solution. You may find that working the rinse into the surface performs a more thorough job. As this product can also be used as a cleaner, there are two application processes. Both are similar, however, when using it as a cleaner, you don’t need to let the solution soak into the surface. Instead, you apply, scrub, and remove. It’s as easy as that.

Sealant application needs to be done on a dry surface. You may think this will be a lengthy process. However, you won’t have to wait long before your surface is ready to be sealed.

TSSPro 15

At TTSPro, our products are VOC compliant!

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Stone surfaces, whether they are indoors or outdoors, can enhance the appearance of your home. However, if these surfaces hold stains, mildew, or dirt, people will be in awe of them for an entirely different reason. With that in mind, you shouldn’t settle for a sealant that isn’t up to the task. Instead, you should reach out to the friendly team at TSSPro.

We have been in the sealing industry for years now and have tried the majority of name-brand sealers. Our disappointment with those products is what lead us to create our very own specialty line. Our unique sealers offer multiple benefits and provide protection for your surfaces against many common problems.

When paired with our cleaners, our sealants will restore your surfaces natural appearance and keep them protected for years to come. Additionally, many of our sealants offer your stone surfaces a beautiful finish. For example, we have a color-enhancing finish to bring out the stunning tones of your stone surface. Additionally, we have a matte- finish if you want your surfaces to hold a more subtle appearance.

Speak with our team to learn more about our sealants, the benefits they offer, and the finish options available. You can speak to one of our friendly team members when you call (888)-958-0556. We will gladly help you find the right sealant for your stone surface. Keeping your surfaces sealed for longer is easy when you use the TSSPro 15.