TSSPro 400

If you’re a homeowner trying to prevent stains in your driveway, then it’s time to get the TSSPro 400! TSS Pro Sealants has the best selection of specialty sealers for your natural stone surfaces. Since your home is valuable, we make sure to offer you the best sealers to maintain your stone surfaces. The TSSPro 400 lasts significantly longer than cheap big box sealers. Not only that, they will not yellow or flake off. On top of that, this sealer doesn’t need to be re-stripped when it must get reapplied which makes it convenient to use.

Porous stone in your driveways and other natural stone surfaces can quickly develop into hard to remove stains. When this occurs, the aesthetic decor of your home decreases. However, we have the products you need. We can find a sealant that can protect your home against stains, moisture, mold, mildew, and flaking.

Please call us today at (888)-958-0556 and tell us what the problem is with your stone surface, and we’ll recommend the best stone sealer to get. TSSPro Sealants is family owned and operated, so you can always count on us!

TSSPro 400

The TSSPro 400 offers your stone surfaces a high gloss and enhanced look!

TSSPro-400 High Gloss Wetlook

As a homeowner, you want the best look for your home. When it comes to stone sealants, people don’t often consider their driveways, garage floors, and sidewalks. However, these keys areas of your home are susceptible to stains from oil, vehicle fluid, and damage from household chemicals. It’s essential to maintain these areas of your home because they help increase your house’s value if you plan to sell.

The TSSPro 400 is topical and gives a high shine, which is excellent for concrete pavers. This product is unique because it helps bring your stone’s color and enhances your surface, giving it a wet look. The TSSPro 400 is the perfect polymer high-gloss sealer for your concrete masonry. Not only that, this product is very resistant to extreme weather. As a result, ideal for protection for stone surfaces that are outside.

Furthermore, this solvent-based sealer isn’t only perfect for your concrete driveways. You can use this product if you own a swimming pool! Our TSSPro 400 product offers resistance to efflorescence, making it a great choice to apply to your pool areas, around hot tubs, pool coping, and stone patios. However, there are some important notes to consider.

We do not recommend using the TSS Pro-400 high gloss wetlook for limestone products. But don’t worry, we have many products that can help with limestone. Nonetheless, the TSSPro 400 is an ideal candidate for concrete, flagstone, granite, more. It’s also microporous, which means it permits the surface of the stone to breathe.

When you want a great product, go with TSSPro Sealants. Using a cheap alternative from the store can end up damaging your stone further or not doing what it claims to do.

TSSPro 400

The TSSPro 400 is great for driveways and sidewalks to prevent oil stains!

Applying TSS Pro 400

You can apply all of our products by painting, rolling, or using a pump spray, except for the TSSPro 400. Because of its composition, you must utilize a roller for this specific product. However, the only way to use another method is by having a high-grade professional air sprayer. One of the most important aspects of applying our sealers is the area must be completely dry.

As previously mentioned, the TSSPro 400 is an ideal choice for sealing areas around water. However, the area must be dry on the surface of the stone. If the area you are sealing had water running over it, you must ensure that the stone’s interior is also dry to get the maximum effect of this product. One of the questions we get often is if this product is safe around the pool.

The answer is yes! While we don’t recommend to use this product over running water, it’s still is a non-toxic product that dissipates quickly. Furthermore, it will not damage your pool. However, if you choose to do so, the curing process will take a lot longer, approximately six days. The TSSPro 400 is a durable product, but its application can result in a slippery surface.

Don’t worry. We have an excellent slip-resistant additive to complement the TSSPro 400. That product is the TSS Pro SG-400. We recommend using our SG400 grip with the TSSPro 400 on non-porous horizontal surfaces. The SG-400 is a proprietary blend of sand and grit reinforces the TSSPro 400 and reduces the risk of slipping. As a result, you can still enjoy the shine and enhanced rich colors while ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe.

Lastly, the TSSPro 400 and TSS Pro SG-400 can go together for indoor surfaces. Areas with significant foot traffic such as kitchen floors and bathroom floors, should have a slip-resistant coating. The result is having the peace of mind that you are safe and that your natural stone surfaces have adequate protection.

TSSPro 400

We have great products to help protect your pool areas.

Don’t Settle For Less!

There are many inferior products out there on the market. TSSPro Sealants has dealt with a lot of sealants that claim they work but don’t. Since then, we have formulated our products with the most advanced technology and chemistry around. We utilize Nano CrossLink Technology that creates a robust hard-to-break bond with our sealer and stone. As a result, you end up with surfaces that are protected and delay stains.

Many of our products are isopropyl-based. Not only does this mean that our products penetrate the stone deeper, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Our products are also VOC compliant. The TSSPro 400 is a great option that brings out the rich color of your natural stone surfaces. Not only that, it offers protection against saltwater.

The key point of this product is its excellent gloss. Your guests will be stunned at how amazing your surfaces look in your driveway, pool areas, and inside your home. After you apply this product, you will be amazed. The difference before and after will be night and day. Don’t delay any further! Our friendly staff will gladly answer your questions at (888)-958-0556.

We believe in giving your customers the best product for their specific needs. Getting a cheap off-the-shelf product will only result in disappointment or even further damage to the surface. The TSSPro 400 can be resealed and doesn’t need to be re-stripped every single time when a new coat is applied. With a fast dry and curing time, you can use our products and get the look your home deserves. For the best sealant for a wet look and high gloss, get the TSSPro 400.