TSSPro 600

If you need a strong stabilizing and weatherproofing sealant, then get the TSSPro 600! As a premier sealing company, TSSPRO Sealants has one of the largest selections of specialty sealants around! The TSSPro 600 is a great preventive for future crumbling and flaking for your outdoor natural stone surfaces. Our sealants can protect a wide variety of natural stone surfaces such as flagstone, limestone, concrete, marble, and more! When you want to prolong the life of your stone surfaces, go with the best.

Furthermore, we are pioneers in the sealant industry. We formulate our products after dealing with inferior sealants that didn’t do the job. As a result, our sealants are more substantial, last longer, and made with the best products. Additionally, our products are infused with Nano CrossLink Technology and are VOC compliant.

If you have a stone surface that is having issues with flaking, water impregnation, or mold, give us a call! Call us at (888)-958-0556 if you have any questions or comments. When you tell us what stone you have and the damage, we will work hard to get you a product that will restore your natural stone concrete surfaces.

TSSPro 600

Get TSSPro 600 if you need a stabilizing sealer for your damaged stone surfaces.

TSSPro 600: Innovative Water-Based Weatherproofing

TSSPro Sealants has sealants that stabilize and strengthen. We also have products that help with stone erosion. However, one of the best products we have for weatherproofing is the TSSPro 600. This product is perfect for surfaces that are made of concrete or other porous natural stones. It offers your professional stone surface protection and helps strengthen it against the elements.

Even though natural stone is a very durable material, it is still prone to damage over time. Many homeowners don’t consider applying a sealant over their stone surfaces because someone told them not to. However, there are many benefits to applying our products, especially the TSSPro 600. First, it stabilizes and prevents future erosion.

The TSSPro 600 helps crumbling stone because it has a silane stone formula that combines with a strong adhesive. When applied over a damaged surface that has mild flaking or chipping, it replaces the binding materials. The result is that this sealant seeps into the damaged stone and penetrates beneath the surface. This process allows for it to strengthen the stone and slows the pace of deterioration.

Furthermore, this product is excellent for a variety of soft and friable surfaces. For example, this product can work best with limestone, flagstone, concrete, slate, and pavers. While the TSSPro 600 is best for stabilizing and weatherproofing, it also has other benefits. It’s a great sealant that reduces damage by saltwater erosion, discourages mold growth, and prevents acid rain damage. It’s truly a remarkable sealant that helps lengthen the life of your natural stone surfaces.

The base of this product is water, which allows for a deeper penetration beneath the stone. Furthermore, there are three different chemical components to the TSSPro 600. The tetrahedral silicate monomer creates a molecular structure that rises to the surface of the stone. The oligomeric propyl siliconate allows for the sealant to set in deeper into the stone. A chemical agent works with the aforementioned chemical component, which allows it to go deeper still.

TSSPro 600

The TSSPro 600 can help protect your outdoor stone areas.

Additional Benefits Of Our Products

As you can see, our products are engineered for success. Many homeowners and contractors try to save a little bit of money by getting a cheap sealant. However, we do not recommend this. There are sealants in big box stores that claim they can do it all, but we’re the experts you need.

We realize that the best way to take care of your stone surfaces is by giving you a product that works specifically for your type of damage and stone. There is a lot of inherent risk in applying the wrong sealant to the wrong stone. For example, you can damage your stone further. Not only that, it may not do what it claims it does.

TSSPro Sealants realizes that the key to success is by formulating strong sealants with Nano CrossLink Technology. We developed this specific type of technology, and the results have been great. Our specialty sealants form strong bonds that are hard to break with your stone, allowing your stone surfaces to protect against moisture.

The TSSPro 600 is a product that has Nano CrossLink Technology. There are many benefits to the TSSPro 600. One significant advantage that it has is quick drying time. Once it cures, it will be water-resistant. The application of this product is also straightforward. You can apply all of our products, except the TSS Pro 400, by painting, rolling, or using a pump-up spray.

Lastly, this product prevents saltwater erosion. If you live in a coastal region near the ocean, our product is excellent for you. The TSSPro 600 allows homeowners with outdoor patios, pools, and masonry to have stone surfaces protected against the elements. This product helps with reducing wear and will protect your surfaces.

TSSPro 600

TSSPro 600 penetrates your stone deeply for extra protection!

TSSPro Sealants: The Best Around

As you can see, there are many reasons to go with our products for your home renovation. When it comes to natural stone sealants, don’t settle for less. Our products are made to be easy to use and extremely beneficial to your stones. While DIY projects are great, sometimes you need an extra hand.

When you call us, we can also help you by telling you how to apply the sealer. If you are not comfortable doing so yourself, we can contact our stone sealing experts to help you not make a mistake. They also practice social distancing. When you want the job done correctly, go with TSSPro Sealants. We are family-owned and operated and have been in the industry for many years.

Because of this, we understand what works best and what doesn’t. All of our sales are final. However, when you apply our product correctly, you’ll be glad you went to the experts in natural stone sealing. The TSSPro 600 is one of the best consolidation treatment for your home stone surfaces. Give us a call at (888)-958-0556 to start rejuvenating and protecting your stone surfaces today! The TSSPro 600 is a great choice to prevent future crumbling and flaking. Once your stone surfaces have the protection they need, you’ll be glad you called and used the fantastic TSSPro 600.