TSSPro 750

If you want to limit algae’s growth on your natural stone surfaces, you need the TSSPro 750. TSS Pro Sealants has one of the widest selections of specialty sealants. Outdoor natural stone surfaces can make any home look beautiful. However, your stone surfaces can quickly develop unsightly algae if they have constant exposure to humidity.

The best way to combat the development of various types of algae is by using the TSSPro 750. This is a topical sealer that can reduce the growth and regrowth of black algae and green algae. It is challenging to find an efficient sealer for green algae, but don’t worry; TSSPro Sealants has the best solutions for you.

The TSSPro 750 is a water-based acrylic sealer that gives your stone surfaces a very mild sheen. Additionally, it’s one of the most reliable sealers that actively disrupt algae’s functionality on your surfaces. Not only that, it can last up for two years, which gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

You can reach our friendly staff at (888)-958-0556 or pay us a visit at our convenient location. If you want to keep your natural stone surfaces free of algae, get the TSSPro 750.

TSSPro 750

The TSSPro 750 is a great way to keep your outdoor stone surfaces free from algae!

TSSPro 750 | Keep Your Stone Surfaces Free Of Discoloring Algae

As a homeowner, you want what is best for your home. Because of this, you shouldn’t waste your time searching for an inferior sealer at a big box store. There are many sealant companies out there who claim their sealers can do it all. However, we can found that the best way to protect your surfaces is by making specialty sealers for specific issues.

The TSSPro 750 protects your stone surfaces and offers them a matte and slight sheen finish. It’s truly a fantastic product because of how long it lasts and how it reduces the growth of algae in your home. Additionally, this product can also assist you in preventing the development of some fungi and mold.

Moreover, it creates a strong barrier that is hard to break. This barrier is critical for preventing water intrusion and is very water-resistant. It is important to note that the TSSPro 750 is a preventative product and not an official pesticide. The way this fantastic sealer works is by restricting the life-sustaining capabilities or microorganisms such as algae.

Our sealer interrupts the homeostasis of various kinds of algae, mold, and fungi that can grow on your stone surface. When this occurs, these annoying microorganisms will not have the chance to reproduce or sustain themselves. The TSSPro 750 keeps your surfaces free and clean, which allows your outdoor patio areas, pool copings, and pool decks to last for a long time.

Lastly, our product’s outstanding feature is that it is resealable, making it a convenient choice for your home. The TSSPro 750 also dries rapidly within an hour. Afterward, it is safe for foot traffic and harmless for both people and pets. You can always count on TSSPro Sealants to give you a sealer that can help you with your specific situation.

TSSPro 750

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The TSSPro 750 Is Easy To Apply!

We began to make our line of specialty sealants as a direct response to inferior sealants on the market. One of the ways our sealers help you is that they are easy to apply. The TSSPro 750 is a low-viscosity product that makes it easy to apply on your stone surface. You can utilize a pump-up spray, brush, or roller to apply it.

You can use this product to seal outdoor areas where algae can develop quickly—for example, outdoor pool areas and patios with natural stone surfaces. Furthermore, you can use this product on limestone, flagstone, concrete, and pavers. Some natural stone surfaces are more porous than others, so you should always test the area you want to apply the TSSPro 750.

One important step of the application process to bear in mind is to keep the area you want to seal clean and free of moisture. Water is the enemy when it comes to applying our specialty sealers. If the site you are trying to seal has had a lot of water exposure, you can expect a longer drying time. A pressure washer can clean the area beforehand.

The TSSPro 750 is a great product to limit algae’s growth, but it may darken some stone surfaces, especially medium to dark surfaces. Because of this, we highly encourage our customers to test for suitability before applying the rest of the sealer to the location they want.

TSSPro 750

Don’t let algae ruin your stone surfaces! Get the TSSPro 750!

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Our sealers are an excellent choice for homeowners and business owners trying to protect their stone surfaces. When you correctly apply the TSSPro 750, you can relax, knowing that you won’t have to worry about dealing with black or green algae in the foreseeable future. You can also utilize this excellent sealer for wood patios.

This is a remarkable product that stands out from the competition. If you’re a homeowner, then this is an excellent product for DIY projects. Likewise, if you are a business owner with outdoor stone surfaces, this product can significantly help you. You want your business to have a neat, clean, and professional appearance.

If you notice algae, fungi, or mold growing in or around your flagstone, limestone, or concrete surfaces, you must act quickly. The spread of algae and other microorganisms can pose a health hazard and make your home or business unsightly. More importantly, it can damage your outdoor surfaces significantly. Not only is this very frustrating, but removal services and renovation can also cost a fortune.

You can contact TX stone sealers to help you remove these microorganisms and apply the TSSPro 750 in and around your home. Please don’t waste your time purchasing sealants from commercial retail stores that claim they can do it all. We make our products using the most cutting edge technology and perform excellently when you apply them correctly.

You can always reach out to TSSPro Sealants if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the TSSPro 750. Contact us at (888)-958-0556 today and ask about how the TSSPro 750 can help your home today.