TSSPro 950

If you’re searching for a sealer to protect against outdoor stains, then look no further than the TSSPro 950. TSSPro Sealants offers homeowners and contractors unique specialty sealers. We formulate our products to go deep into your natural stone surfaces and provide 

TSSPro 950

The TSSPro 950 offers the maximum protection for stains from organic matter and vehicle stains.

maximum protection. Furthermore, we’re family-owned and operated and are pioneers in the sealant industry. 

The TSSPro 950 is a unique product that offers long-lasting protection against outdoor stains. For example, leaves, soil, nuts, and water stains can make even the most beautiful stone surfaces look dull. Moreover, paying someone to remove these stains properly is costly. Because of this, the best measure to take is to use a sealant that discourages stains. 

We began to develop a line of specialty sealants after dealing with inferior sealers found in retail stores. Furthermore, we have sealants that last longer, don’t whiten or yellow, and offer adequate protection for your unique stone. So, if you want to take the first steps towards natural stone maintenance, call our team! TSSPro Sealants is based in Houston, but we deliver across the country. You can reach TSSPro Sealants at (888)-958-0556 today.

TSSPro 950 | Water-Based Stain And Oil Repellent Sealer

If you have been noticing more and more stains on your stone surfaces, a solution has finally arrived. The TSS Pro 950 is one of the best ways to manage outdoor stains from vehicles, water, and organic matter. Your natural stone surfaces enhance your home significantly. However, if you neglect them for some time, the stains will accumulate. 

As a result, your stone surfaces will dull and no longer have that stunning look they once had. Many homeowners will want to use this specialty sealer over areas where leaves and nuts fall regularly. This product does not miraculously make stains disappear but instead resists stains from permanently settling in. It would be best if you still cleaned the area where the stains are. 

Furthermore, you can use this stone sealer to prevent water penetration. Many homeowners are under the impression that you don’t need to maintain your stone surfaces actively. However, this is not true. Environmental factors such as UV rays, acid rain, and salt water erosion can take their toll on your surfaces. Whether they’re natural stone, pavers, or concrete, this sealer gets the job done. 

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your beautiful surfaces changing color after application. This spectacular sealer retains the natural appearance of most substrates. Cleaning up after accidents or after cleaning up organic debris will become very easy. Moreover, you can use this sealer in a variety of locations where you want to reduce stains. 

For example, patios, driveways, walkways are all great places to use this sealer. While we usually recommend the TSSPro 550 for indoor stone surfaces, you can use the 950 to prevent food stains. It’s a remarkable product that does more for you than big-box stone sealers. 

TSSPro 950

This specialty sealer can protect driveways, patios, and anywhere stains can develop.

Sealants With CrossLinking Nano Technology!

One way our products stand out from the competition is because they have CrossLinking Nano Technology. CrossLinking is a phrase common in chemistry that refers to polymer chains attaching themselves. As a result, intense bonds occur at a molecular level. Afterward, a strong matrix develops that offers your surfaces the best protection possible. 

The problem with other sealers is they claim they last longer. However, our CrossLinking Nano Technology sealants have the science to back up those claims. All of our sealants have CrossLinking Nano Technology, including the TSSPro 950. Because of this, you can rest easy knowing that you are using a product that goes the extra mile to protect your surfaces. 

Additionally, there are many benefits to using this sealer. For example, you help lengthen the life of your stone. Because of this unique technology, your surfaces will have a better chance of preserving their natural color. Another advantage you get with our sealer is the fast curing time. After the correct application, you can expect your surface to be ready for foot traffic anywhere from one to two hours. 

The penetration and beading this sealer offers are unparalleled; it would be challenging to find a sealer like this in stores. You can also expect this sealer to discourage the growth of mold and mildew. Lastly, areas with treatment from this sealer will not trap moisture, which is excellent for outdoor spaces like patios. 

This sealer isn’t only for homeowners. If you own a business with outdoor stone features, this will undoubtedly help improve your business’s look. Nobody wants to go to a business and notice unsightly stains on the surfaces. Because of this, our sealer is genuinely one of a kind and help you benefit in the long run. 

TSSPro 950

Our sealers have CrossLinking Nano Technology which make them one of a kind.

Call TSSPro Sealants To Get Specialty Sealers! 

As you can see, there are endless benefits to our excellent sealer. But the benefits don’t end there. Since many people purchase this product for DIY projects, we design our sealers for ease of application. As a result, you can apply this sealer in a multitude of ways. For example, feel free to apply it to your desired areas with a pump-up spray, a roller, or a brush. 

Organic matter that lies over stone surfaces can quickly leave stains. Furthermore, the process of getting them out of your flagstone, limestone, or concrete surfaces can be challenging. Even with a pressure washer, you may have challenges. If you want to save yourself the hassle, call our team and ask about the TSSPro 950. 

Your stone surfaces are vital to the exterior look of your home. Because of this, you shouldn’t settle for an inferior sealant. Retail store sealants often take a “one size fits all” approach to protecting your stone surfaces. However, we have been in the stone sealant industry for years. Our experience shows that the best way to treat specific stones with a particular problem is with specialty sealers. 

Don’t wait until the stains settle in. Please contact our TSSPro Sealants at (888)-958-0556 to learn more about our line of specialty sealers. We gladly help customers find ways to enhance and protect their stone surfaces. Whether you have stains on your flagstone patios or pavers, we’re ready to help. Searching for a specialty sealer to discourage outdoor stains just got easier with the TSSPro 950