TSSPRO New Product

TSSPRO New Product

Get the best results by talking with TSSPRO about their new sealant product!

Many of our customers have installed new grout tiles, several of them ask about the need for sealing the stone surface. The answer is always the same. If you want to get the most out of your stone surfaces and for the longest time, you should definitely seal your grout. By doing so, you’ll benefit from:

Keeping the stone surface looking brand new

When the grout is sealed properly, it becomes water-resistant, which is very helpful when drinks are spilled on it. It becomes less susceptible to damage and discoloration. If you don’t seal your grout, spills of wine and other substances can lead to hard-to-clean stains. While it’s true that you can use bleach to remove most types of stains, there are certain stains that simply cannot be cleaned off completely. Some cases are so severe that they require homeowners to replace the grout altogether.

Preventing the growth of mold and mildew

One thing every homeowner should know is that mold and mildew will grow on surfaces that are damp and warm. Grout sealers that are non-penetrative are great at keeping moisture away and completing the task of stopping water penetrating the grout. These filthy organisms won’t grow on grout if there is no moisture present, which relieves homeowners from having to scrub mold and mildew out.

Affordable and effective

TSSPRO Sealants offers its customers the most affordable and effective stone sealants around. While there are many spray-on grout sealers in the market today, you won’t more effective ones that the ones available here at TSS PRO Sealants. By effectively sealing your grout surfaces, you’ll preserve their brand new appearance for many years to come.

TSSPRO New Product

With our CrossLinking Technology, TSSPRO can help you protect nearly any surface through the winter months.

Why you need our Cross-Linking Technology

Once your tile and grout have been cleaned and sealed with our highly-effective products, you’ll be able to enjoy from great-looking stone surfaces for a very long time to come. This proprietary technology is helpful in preventing soil and stains from getting on your grout stone surfaces.

Additionally, when you seal your tile and four, you’re reducing the amount of work you have to do in terms of cleaning up. Why? Well, sealing the surfaces gives you the ability to easily wipe away any dirt and debris without having to scrub harsh chemicals. Our cross-linking technology delivers a smooth surface, giving debris no place to hide.

Application process

After you install new grout tile on floors, showers, walls, or countertops, make sure you seal the surface. One thing to note is that you shouldn’t do this right away, as you need to give the surface enough time to cure completely. Once the grout is fully dry, then you can use a penetrative sealer to protect it. Doing so will bring various benefits that’ll keep your home protected.

As a cement-based product, the materials make grout porous, allowing liquids to seep through if not cleaned up right away. As such, grout sealing is a significant part of maintaining your grout surfaces. It does more than just protect against spills, also protecting from mold and mildew growth. Moreover, it strengthens the grout, slowing down wear-and-tear.

Over time, water and different types of grime can penetrate unprotected stone surfaces. This leads to cracks and will eventually cause the surface to break. When you effectively seal the grout, you’re essentially reducing the occurrence of damages. You’re also prolonging the life of the surface by reducing the amount of cleaning required.

Technical benefits

Our sealers, repellents, impregnators, protectants, or whatever term you use to describe our products provide incredible long-term benefits for large-scale tile and stone installations. We provide these products to help deal with challenging environments, applications, and customer expectations. You can call these products what you’d like, but we call them sealers here at TSSPRO Sealants. Additionally, our sealing products are great in terms of offering a degree of stain “resistance” and reaction time to clean the spill and prevent potential stains.

Lower maintenance costs

Using effective stone sealants on your stone surfaces can reduce the maintenance requirements. With that said, stone sealants do not make your stone surfaces maintenance-free. The purpose of a sealer is to keep contaminants such as dirt, on the surface and prevents them from penetrating the surface. So while these surfaces will still get dirty, the process of cleaning will be so much easier. A good way to look at it is comparing it to carpet, just because to treat it doesn’t mean you should stop vacuuming.

Save money in the long-term

Today, we’re all looking for ways to save anywhere possible. Sealing your grout surface is the right move financially, as the overall costs are cheaper than ignoring the treatment of the surface and paying for repairs in the future. Grout tends to wear away fairly quickly when not properly sealed. Furthermore, it will begin to crack, discolor, and harden when trying to clean it. This also forces you to replace it more often, costing you way more in the long run.

TSSPRO New Product

Wick away water and other harmful substances from your stone surface. Talk with TSSPRO today about a sealant that will take care of your outdoor surfaces.

Heavy-Duty Grout Sealer TSSPRO25

Our new grout sealer is the TSSPRO25, we sell it in quarts and is a specialty sealant in terms of being used for heavy-duty protection. This water-based, natural look, penetrating sealer is especially helpful with winter coming up and will help stone surfaces by giving them maximum stain protection and:

  • Keeping grout looking brand new for longer
  • Protecting grout from soils, water, and oil-based stains
  • Making cleaning the surface much easier
  • Applicable to sanded and unsanded grout

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