TSSPro300 Natural Stone Sealant

Have you been searching for TSSPro300 Natural Stone Sealant? TSS PRO Sealants has the perfect solution for you. Many homeowners want natural stone surfaces for their homes. However, many might be unaware that their stone, concrete, or brick surfaces need maintenance. Fortunately, we have a wide selection of extremely protective sealants that rejuvenate your natural rock surfaces.

For nearly a decade, TSS PRO Sealants has been giving homeowners superior sealers for the best prices. Unlike many competitors, our sealers don’t use harsh chemicals that damage your surfaces. We developed our very own products that are VOC compliant and environmentally-friendly. This is to ensure you have something that can make your pavers, slates, and brick surfaces look brand new again!

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Our products can make a massive difference in the look of your stone surfaces!

Excellent WaterProofer And Silicone-Dense

Homeowners with natural stone, limestone, and concrete surfaces know that stains can be hard to remove. Depending on the type of stone you have, you may not be able to get rid of them at all. Some stains are caused by food, oil, dirt, and water that can permanently stain your beautiful surfaces.

Because of this, you should consider one of our many sealers. Utilizing Nano CrossLink Technology, our sealers use molecular bonds to generate a strong layer of protection against porous surfaces. Our products work surprisingly great with stone patios, pool copings, and tile grout. Furthermore, our products were designed by us as a response to many inferior sealers out there.

When choosing a solvent-based sealer, it’s important to remember that not all products are the same. Don’t make the mistake of going with any brand. An inferior sealer can milk up or not offer adequate protection over time, leading to an unappealing look to your home. As one of the premier stone sealer companies, we always promise to give you the right product for a suitable surface.

When you call or place an order from us, we will get you a sealer by stone type. For example, if you have concrete surfaces, then we will get you a sealer that is best for that particular type of stone. Additionally, to determine what is the best sealer, take into consideration several things. For example, the porosity of the stone, traffic over that area, how frequently it is cleaned, and if there was a sealer previously used.

Amazing Features of the TSSPro300

As you can see, we always go the extra mile to give you something that works best. One of our most popular products is the incredibly resilient TSS PRO 300. With this sealer, you can protect your natural stone while giving it a clean wet look with a low sheen. Many of our clients choose this product for many types of stone surfaces.

This product stands out because it’s a hybrid that is both topical and penetrating. The TSSPro300 supercharges the stone and gives your surface the right amount of sheen. Furthermore, it makes your stone surfaces appear as if water has been poured over it. It’s truly a remarkable product for two reasons: It is color enhancing and penetrates deeply into the stone that forms a protective layer while giving it a stunning wet-look sheen. It’s important to note that this product is not ideal for Austin Limestone because it may cause the stone to yellow.

Furthermore, this unique isopropyl base has the fastest curing, offers the most resistance against stains, and long-lasting. Because of this, the TSS PRO 300 is the best option to give your stone a natural ‘wet’ look that makes it appear brand new. Don’t settle for inferior products. Unlike traditional enhancers, our product protects and adds rich enhancement depth. This product is also silicone-dense and alcohol-based. Other sealers at big box stores don’t offer this type of product.

This product has a quick drying time and won’t yellow or delaminate when applied correctly. We encourage our clients who are working on DIY projects to test the product before applying. While the TSSPro 300 can go over surfaces with previous sealants, it’s important to check nonetheless. Additionally, the surface must be clean and dry! Moisture is the enemy when it comes to applying our products.


Our sealants are the best to keep your pool looking brand new!

Don’t Settle For Cheap Alternatives!

We offer you products that offer long-lasting protection. The goal of our sealers is to delay deep and permanent penetration of spills, stains, and moisture to your natural surfaces. A common mistake many homeowners make is they go for the cheapest option available.

While it may seem convenient, many products on the market aren’t isopropyl-based or are infused with Nano CrossLink Technology. Many of our products are alcohol-based, making them green-friendly and allow for deep infiltration to your stone. This gives your natural stone surfaces the protection it needs.

Furthermore, the TSSPro300 offers resistance to vehicle oil stains and fluids. The silicone and acrylic combination of this sealer is why it’s one of the most sought after products we offer. We don’t recommend using this product over running water. Nonetheless, this sealer is non-toxic and will dissipate very quickly around pools when in contact with water.

When you get an inferior sealer, you run the risk of having to pay extra money for re-stripping your stone surfaces. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can cost significantly. To prevent this, contact us today, and we’ll provide you with guidance on how to utilize the TSSPro 300 properly. This sealer also is topical and impregnates the stone.

When you spill something on your natural stone, you have a very small window to clean the mess up before the stain sets in. When you get the TSS PRO 300, you will always have strong and durable protection. You won’t be disappointed with our TSSPro300.

Innovative Nano CrossLink Technology


The TSSPro300 is a fantastic product!

We took a look at the science behind our sealers, and the experts at TSS PRO Sealants took steps to incorporate Nano CrossLink Technology to give you a product that’s unlike anything out there. Nano CrossLink Technology is when polymer chains from our sealers combine with the molecular structure of stone to form a strong bond.

As a result, our products give you an intense layer of protection from external damage. Whether you have a surface made of travertine, Lueders Limestone, or concrete, you can always count on us to give you a product that will work. Not to mention, our products are easy to apply. A homeowner can use a spray, a brush, or a roller to apply our product. This is true for all of our products except for one, the TSS Pro 400, which MUST be rolled on unless the homeowner has a professional high-grade air sprayer.

Another significant advantage of our products is that there is no need to strip our sealers for reapplication. Not only does this save you time, but it saves you money. There has never been a better time to purchase a TSSPro300 Natural Stone Sealant.


No matter if you have an outdoor patio, a pool, landscaping pavers, and masonry, our products get the job done. Don’t waste time and energy looking around for a sealer that will become chalky over time. We also offer a great sample pack so you can try our products for yourself. You can pick any two of our unique products and see how strong our Nano CrossLink Technology is. We want you to have the best clean solvent-based products, so call us at (888)-958-0556! For a durable sealer that can protect your home, get the TSSPro300 Natural Stone Sealant.