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Posted on May 14, 2019 by TSS Pro Sealants

Make sure that you’re choosing the proper materials for your next job! Whether you are prospecting for a huge project, or just a simple back yard DIY to fix your patio, our premium sealants are going to be the best option. We’ll discuss why that may be in our blog post today and how they match up to competitors.

Sealing Natural Stone

Sealing Natural Stone

Our goal is to help you avoid the consequences of using sealants that aren’t as good as ours. Texas Stone Sealers has been continuously evolving and refining their mixtures and we believe we have the sealant that’s just right for your project!

Our Sealants Are Going To Be The Best Options For You


You have to be quite confident to claim such a position, but we have the proof to back it. When it comes to getting a good sealant you’re going to focus on a few key factors. These will determine how long your sealant will stay in service and what availability it offers. Some sealants will not be able to be used for anything but a single function. You will find that this is a common trend for cheaper versions. However that’s not the case for TSS sealants, and we’ll show you why. If you want to explore all of our amazing products on our website directly, click here!


This is the first of several key components to a high-quality sealant. While other brands will force you to mix the blend into active use, we offer our sealants without the need to mix at all. This means you can save so much time and effort by not even having to create a perfect mix. In fact, many issues arise through improper mixing anyways. We just decided to take this step out for your benefit.


While you may be forced to do it completely on your own, you can potentially request the job done by our team. We have very elite contractors ready to help with whatever you may need. This is not the case when you get an average sealant from Walmart or some other local store. Furthermore, if it is not done properly, then you will not get the same waterproofing or adhesion that was advertised. It’s best to get the aid from people who have the experience, or at the very least, some tips from our professional consultations that we offer as a complimentary service.


This is going to be the most time-consuming part of the process if you get a subpar sealant. They can take days to cure and if they are not left alone or disturbed through the duration of the curing you could have uneven sets and it will look off. This can also damage the waterproofing or other benefits, too. With a TSS sealant, you will get an incredibly short curing time that will give a much higher probability that your pieces set right in the sealant. This way, you can save time and resources without a need to start over.




One of the other options that a cheaper sealant will fail you in, is the time it lasts. These low-cost sealants will only give you at best a year or less of a lifetime. After this point, you will notice the effects of age starting to materialize. The tears and cracks will appear frequently and reduce efficiency as your sealant deteriorates in time. Fortunately, you can rest assured that our brand is going to last you far longer; multiple years or more in fact.


One of the benefits that we offer, which other cheaper brands cannot afford to provide, is the diversity of options. You can get all types of sealants for whatever purpose you may need. It could be for your pool or your fire pit. If you are in need of any kind of waterproofing or adhesion to specific stones, or maybe you want to have algae resistance for your fountain. All of these and more are available at Texas Stone Sealers.



Consultation & Contact


Let us know if you would like any help in your selection process, or help in the project. We can provide aid in all of these areas and direct you to the best solutions that will work for the long term. Just to give you a little perspective, in a competition that saw 27 sealants tested for a new hotel in Dallas, our brand was the only one selected. That’s just the quality of our luxury sealants, and we want to provide that same quality to you. If you have any questions, look for our contact info below!