Wet Look Concrete Sealer

TSSPro Sealants is proud to offer the best wet look concrete sealer for your surfaces. The TSSPro range was created to outperform other sealants on the market. With that in mind, you can trust that our sealers will provide protection that lasts. What’s more, the sealers in our range are suitable for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces and a range of natural stones.

So, no matter what surfaces you’re looking to protect, you can rely on TSSPro Sealants. Natural stones are incredibly popular options for residential and commercial surfaces. However, if you want your surfaces to last and remain looking beautiful, maintenance is a must. The best way to ensure minimal damage occurs to your stone surfaces is by sealing them.

Unsealed surfaces are left vulnerable to a range of issues such as weathering, erosion, fading, and more. Consequently, it is vital you seal your surfaces, especially your exterior surfaces. This is because outdoor surfaces experience more wear and tear due to natural elements such as harsh UV rays, winds, and rain.

No matter if your stone surfaces were recently installed or you’ve had them for years, know that TSSPro Sealants can help preserve and protect them for years to come. Call today and ask about our wet look concrete sealer and the many other sealants we have to offer.

wet look concrete sealer

TSSPro Sealants proudly offers a range of quality sealants that will protect your surfaces against the elements.

Wet Look Concrete Sealer

Here at TSSPro Sealants, we strive to help people protect their surfaces against wear and tear and other forms of damage. That is why we proudly offer a wide range of sealers suitable for every natural stone type and even some artificial stones.

Our wet look sealers include the TSSPro 300 and the TSSPro 400. However, we have several other sealants suitable for use on concrete if you prefer a matte finish.

Driveways, walkways, and patios are common concrete surfaces. Concrete pavers can add aesthetic value to any home. However, if you want them to remain in their pristine condition, you need to clean and seal your surfaces.

Unsealed concrete runs the risk of deterioration and staining. Stains can easily be reversed with the right cleaning methods. However, if your surfaces begin to crumble, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.

That is why you should prevent this before it becomes an issue. Sealing your concrete paver surfaces will ensure they stand the test of time and last for years to come. There’s no better solution than the TSSPro Sealants. Unlike other sealants on the market, our products don’t peal after mere months of application. Instead, they have been created to protect treated surfaces for years.

Moreover, our sealers don’t leave a yellow film on the surface of stones, which is highly common among other sealing products. The TSSPro sealers work with your surfaces to enhance their natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a high gloss sealer, a natural look, or a wet look finish, you can rely on TSSPro Sealants to provide a sealer that lasts.

wet look concrete sealer

You won’t find a more efficient or effective wet look concrete sealer on the market.

TSSPro 300 | Wet Look Sealer

Our best-selling sealer offers a wet look finish while protecting surfaces against an array of common issues. The staining of your concrete sealers will no longer be a cause for concern when you apply this sealer.

Not only does the TSSPro 300 protect against water, oil, and other stains, but it protects surfaces against weathering and pool chemicals. As such, it is the perfect solution for exterior surfaces such as patios, driveways, and pool coping.

In addition to concrete surfaces, this sealer is also suitable for various natural and man-made stones, including brick and slate. Moreover, surfaces treated with the TSSPro 300 will be ready for vehicle traffic in two hours and foot traffic in just one hour. All of our sealers offer easy application, which can be done with a brush, roller, or spray bottle.

TSSPro 400 | High Gloss Sealer

Another wet look sealer option for concrete surfaces is our TSSPro 400. This sealer, like all our other sealers, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. More than that, it can be used for many natural stones, ranging from Moss Rock and Flagstone.

The TSSPro 400 only requires a single coat to offer maximum protection. If efflorescence is a concern of yours, then this sealer is the perfect choice. In addition to efflorescence prevention, this sealer protects against harsh weather conditions and staining. As such, it is a great choice for sealing concrete and other outdoor surfaces.

If you’ve been looking for a sealer that lasts and provides your surfaces with a high gloss finish, contact TSSPro Sealants and ask about our TSSPro 400 today.

wet look concrete sealer

Call our team and find the right sealer for your indoor and outdoor surfaces.

TSSPro 100WB | Water Based Sealer

Another sealer that combats efflorescence is our TSSPro 100WB. Unlike the previously mentioned sealants, this product offers a natural-looking matte finish to treated surfaces. All of our sealers come ready to apply for your convenience and offer rapid drying times. This sealer specifically is the perfect choice if you’re looking for weather-resistant properties.

Additionally, the TSSPro 100WB protects against salt water erosion. Consequently, it is ideal for outdoor surfaces, especially those around or near swimming pools and other water features.

Pool chemicals won’t be an issue when you treat your surfaces with this product and when it comes time to reseal your surfaces, you won’t have to worry about stripping them. If you’d like to know more about this sealer and our other concrete paver sealers, speak with our team today.

Here at TSSPro Sealants, we proudly offer a plethora of high-quality sealants that will keep your surfaces protected for years to come. As each stone faces its own vulnerabilities, it’s important you seal your surfaces with the right product to ensure it is adequately protected. If you’re unsure which of our sealers is right for your surfaces, call TSSPro Sealants today.

We will happily help you determine which sealer is the right option to keep your surfaces in great condition for years to come. Reach out to our team and ask about our wet look concrete sealer and the many other products we have to offer.