You Need D-I-Y Sealant, Not Do-It-Again Sealant

Posted on June 22, 2019 by Ron Marks

Have you applied a stone sealant to your pool, landscaping, or kitchen in recent months? You may have noticed the sealant starting to peel or wear off. A high-quality sealant can last you for years and years. That being said, if your sealant is fading already, something’s not right. Some DIYers mistakenly blame themselves for issues with their sealant job. However, it’s more likely that you used an inferior sealant. Instead of buying the same sealant you used before, try again with a different brand of sealant. Specifically, grab a jug of TSSPRO.

Our products are formulated with the highest-quality bonding chemicals and we cut out the filler products that only add volume to the bottle. Our products last longer and hold stronger than the sealant you used before. By switching to TSSPRO, you’ll save money and time, which you can use for your other DIY projects.

We have different sealants for different DIY projects!

What Makes TSSPRO Better?

TSSPRO was designed by contractors who applied stone sealants for homes and businesses for a living. We developed this superior sealant because we knew we couldn’t provide superior service while using sub-par products. The sealants on the market were flaky and left debris or wore off within a year. Furthermore, the cheap acrylic was hard to scrape off of stone when it was time to reapply a new coat of sealant. We created TSSPRO because we needed a product that really made our work stand out. You deserve the same high-quality product. You’re applying stone sealant on your own property. Our sealants help to improve the attractiveness, safety, and structural integrity of the place you visit every single day. The stakes don’t get any higher than that.

do it yourself sealants

Our sealants make your pool area look great.

Which TSSPRO Sealant is Best for Your DIY Project?

We’ve crafted a variety of products to suit a range of purposes and home projects. Depending on the area you want to apply your TSSPRO sealant, one product may serve your needs better than another. All of our products offer stronger sealing ability than our competitors’ sealants, so you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. However, your personalized product deserves a personalized sealant. You can view our product listing here, and even order a sample pack to compare products first-hand.

If you’re having trouble deciding between TSSPRO sealants, call us at (888) 958-0556. We’ll help you make the best decision for your home project.