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Posted on January 27, 2020 by Ron Marks

TSSPRO Sealant’s products can be used in multiple areas around your home. If you have a table, walls, or other interior structures made out of masonry, our product can seal it and preserve it for years to come. There are even some apartments that have stone as their floor. With our products such as the TSSPro SG-400, you can keep its beautiful texture. Plus, your floor will become slip-resistant. This product is a blend of sand and grit, which is used for the high gloss wet look. With superior abrasion, your surfaces will become slip-resistant.

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Sealing and Cleaning Stone

Imagine having a house full of kids who run around on this same floor. Taking steps to make sure your floor is abrasive can prevent a potential accident from happening. Our products help with multiple household structures, allowing them to look more appealing and safer for everyday use. Plus, if you have weakened stone, other products we supply can help your situation. Our TSS PRO 650, for instance, strengthens and solidifies weakening stone. Over time, natural structures such as stone can deteriorate, decay, and weather. Fortunately, we sell products used on concrete, stucco, brick, and natural stone that prevents such a scenario from occurring.

Plus, we also offer cleaners that can give your surfaces an exceptional clean. Our TSSPRO 10 Cleanser Descaler can be used to pre-cast concrete, masonry, limestone, and grout. It’s fast-acting and easy to use. When applied, it removes deposits, oil stains, and efflorescence. Additionally, algae, red clay stains, grime, and other household stains become a thing in the past. We produce professional sealants that deliver high performance. Therefore, when you stop by, we’ll be sure to give you a product that will help you with your decor preservation goals.

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Limestone before and after

If you want professional results from your investment, choose TSSPRO Sealants. We provide the most effective sealants. Plus, we’re open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for your convenience. Let us show you why we’re the right choice to make. With our quality product and pricing, your landscaping material and structures will shine like new! Call (888) 958-0556 for more details today!