How to Seal Travertine

Knowing How to Seal Travertine isn’t always easy, especially when you know little about this stone type. That is why TSSPro Sealants is here to help. We have the solutions you’ve been looking for to keep your stone surfaces preserved and protected. Our high-quality sealants offer maximum protection to a range of stone types. Whether you’re looking to seal interior or exterior Travertine surfaces, you can rely on our expert products.

How to Seal Travertine

Our expert sealants can help keep your stone surfaces in great condition for years to come.

Travertine is just one of many natural stone types popular for indoor and outdoor surfaces. However, being a medium porosity rock, Travertine requires a little extra care than some other stone types. Travertine is a form of Limestone and offers a beautiful color. As such, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular choice for surfaces. Travertine is more commonly used for exterior surfaces such as patios and walkways. However, it is also found in interior surfaces such as fireplaces.

If you have a Travertine surface that you’re looking to protect, TSSPro Sealants is here to help you do so. We offer a range of quality sealants that offer maximum protection to all stone types. Our products have been expertly designed to perform better than other sealants and will keep your stone in great condition for years to come.

Call TSSPro Sealants today to ask which of our Travertine sealers is best suited for your surface. When you’re looking for How to Seal Travertine, the TSSPro experts have got you covered.

How to Seal Travertine

Before you seal any stone type, it’s important you first carry out a deep clean. Otherwise, you’ll be trapping any dirt or dust in between the stone surface and the sealer when you seal your surfaces. However, it’s not enough just to use any cleaning products. You need to be sure you don’t damage the stone, which is a lot easier than you might think.

Many stone types, especially porous stones, are prone the deterioration and erosion. With that in mind, you need to be sure you avoid any harsh cleaning products or overly acidic cleaners. At the same time, you can’t skip out on using a cleaning agent, and usually, warm water and soap aren’t enough to thoroughly clean your stone.

If you’ve been searching for an effective method for cleaning your Travertine surfaces, call TSSPro Sealants today. We don’t just offer reliable and durable sealants; we also have an expert cleaner that will restore your stone, tile, and other surfaces to their former glory.

How to Seal Travertine

If you’ve been wondering How to Seal Travertine, call TSSPro Sealants today.

Travertine Pavers, Travertine Flooring, and More

Here at TSSPro Sealants, we strive to help you keep your stone surfaces protected for longer. We also understand that there are a plethora of stone types. As such, there are various concerns and vulnerabilities that these stone types face. That is why we don’t just offer one product. Instead, we offer a range of high-quality sealants designed to combat various issues.

Depending on the type of stone you’re looking to protect will determine which of our sealants is best suited for you. Some of our more ideal products for Travertine include the TSSPro 100WB, the TSSPro 300, and the TSSPro 500. Of course, these are just some of our many products that are ideal for preserving and protecting Travertine surfaces.

So, what makes TSSPro Sealants better than the rest? Well, firstly, our sealants are carefully created to cater to a range of problems. Many sealants out there promise 6-in-1 protection. However, they fail to deliver. That isn’t the case with TSSPro Sealants. After being left less impressed with other sealants on the market, our expert team created our range of specialty sealants to ensure durability and reliability.

What’s more, many sealants leave a yellowish tint on surfaces taking away from the natural beauty of the stone. This, again, will not be a concern when you choose TSSPro Sealants. Our products offer different finishes (matte and glossy) to enhance the look of your stone but never change its color.

TSSPro 100WB

This natural look water-based sealer is ideal if you’re looking to protect your stone against efflorescence, saltwater erosion, and pool chemicals. As such, this sealant is best suited for exterior surfaces. However, it is also a great option for protecting your indoor surfaces. The TSSPro 100WB is great for a variety of stone types include Bluestone, Flagstone, and Sandstone.

This industry-tested sealant offers a matte finish and penetrates deep below the surface for maximum protection. In addition to efflorescence resistance, this sealant also offers protection against harsh weather conditions.

We want our sealants to be as convenient as possible. That is why we ensure all of our products are easy to use and offer rapid drying times. You can apply our TSSPro 100WB with either a brush, roller, or sprayer. To learn whether this sealant is best suited for your stone surface, call our team today.

TSSPro 300

Our TSSPro 300 is our best-selling sealant. It offers protection against a range of concerns such as staining and pool chemicals. What’s more, this sealant is solvent-based for the deepest penetration of your stone. Again, this product offers rapid drying time and is ready for foot traffic in as little as one hour.

All of our sealants offer a different finish, and this one, in particular, offers a low sheen appearance. If you’re looking for longevity and durability in your stone sealant, call TSSPro and ask about our TSSPro 300 today. This is just one of our many reliable solutions when you’re looking for How to Seal Travertine.

How to Seal Travertine

Ask about our specialty sealants today.

TSSPro 500

If you’re looking to enrich the color of your stone, then the TSSPro 500 is for you. It prevents efflorescence and offers protection against saltwater. Patios, pool copings, and walkways are just some of the many surfaces this sealant is ideal for. This sealant doesn’t dry as rapidly as some of our other products. However, it will dry completely in 24 hours.

To learn which of our sealants is the best option for your stone surfaces, call TSSPro Sealants today. You won’t find a better solution when you’re looking for How to Seal Travertine.